Computer Aided Engineer - Vehicle Seat Development  



Computer Aided Engieer


Required Technical Skill Set

5 + years of experience in handling Finite Element Analsyis(FEA) and associated scientific software suites performing virtual design and developments of automobile seat design following the set standards

No. of Requirements


Desired Experience Range

8+ years


Location of Requirement

Warren, Michigan, USA


Desired Competencies (Technical/Behavioral Competency)


  • BS or MS (preferred) degree in mechanical engineering or in any related field

  • Develop and promote lightweight steel solutions for automotive OEMs’ future vehicle architectures utilizing strong knowledge of body design and assembly.

  • Utilize Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) simulations to validate and enhance design concepts.

  • Design and validate new proprietary seating systems for multiple OEMs.

  • Develop and build specialized finite element models for client’s proprietary seats for structural simulations to ensure optimal production, meeting several OEM and corporate expectations.

  • Follow global corporate guidelines for seat modelling, and utilize finite element pre-processing software required for part meshing (HyperMesh, etc).

  • Perform structural, durability, and manufacturing finite element analysis on component, sub• system, and seat systems to ensure optimal quality. Each task will be scheduled via the proprietary ORTS system, utilizing client’s unique suite of software, including Hyperworks, Primer, and LS Dyna, and execute the details outlined in GPMT 200 - Finite Element Analysis Standard.

  • Perform detailed analysis and submit report to the Global Analysis Server using GPMT 201 - FEA File Name and Reporting to ensure feasibility with optimal quality.

  • Provide final report to the group manager to be approved and stored on the corporate virtual test lab site,

  • Provide guidance to engineering and manufacturing departments for optimal quality.

  • Conduct FEA tests on seating assemblies according to OEM and corporate requirements.

  • Analyze advance projects to develop models to procure new business opportunities and maintain and increase market share

  • Use FEA software tools to support of all project initiatives and provide guidance where required for development of FEA models and mesh.

  • Use commercial software Hypermesh to construct a structural FEA model or to modify/adapt existing structural models.

  • Perform NVH, structural, and durability finite element analyses on components and sub• system, using software such as, Hyperworks, LS-DYNA, and Optistruct to provide technical support to Lear internal and external customers.

  • Work with product engineers and test engineers to improve and optimize seating designs and collaborate with other groups to develop new simulation methodology and capabilities.

  • Employ clients’ proprietary wiring product engineering, involving the interpretation of customer data and requirements, interpretation of complex circuit coding and power distribution development

  • Establish strong, sustainable and positive relationships with product development engineers at our strategic automotive customers.

  • Recognize threats to steel from other materials (e.g. aluminum, composites, magnesium), develop and recommend competitive steel solutions for future vehicle applications.

  • Engage actively in emerging areas of design and manufacturing like additive manufacturing.

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Working in Agile Environment Software Development Life Cycle

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